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Drivers information sheet

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Configurations and details.

                                                                                                             Updated July 2019

Thank you for volunteering to drive for the Happy Wanderers Ambulance Organisation (HW), we hope this check sheet will be helpful. If during your volunteering driving you feel further details could be added please let us know.

Bus keys

– these are left in the ignition on both vehicles n.b. please make sure keys are fully turned off, especially on the big bus where the key needs clicking back two stages.

Breakdown and accident

– refer to HW handbook in glove box of vehicle.

Damage to vehicle

– please immediately report all damage large or small to allow us to maintain the vehicles in the very best condition.

Driving licences

– our Insurers require HW to inform them of any changes to your licence details. Please inform us of any new driving offences, convictions, major changes to your own personal Insurance history. Ideally you need a D1 Licence category to drive a Happy Wanderer vehicle although in certain circumstances a B Licence category will be okay, please discuss this with us.

First Aid

– each bus contains a First Aid kit and fire extinguisher.


– each vehicle uses Diesel and in the glove box is a Shell credit card and pin number; you will need to have registration number and mileage to give when paying. The nearest Shell station is on Ripon Road near to Hydro swimming pool. Please ensure that there is at least half a tank full of diesel before returning to the garage as this will greatly help the next driver. Please always return credit card to the wallet in the glove box. If you ever need to pay personally you will be reimbursed by our Treasurer.


Garage exit / return

– ensure sliding doors are open fully, if using big bus (KMF) always open first door of sliding section in front of small bus (JBV). Please take extra care, especially driving the big bus (it is a very long vehicle and needs space especially going round corners) in and out of the garage and through the main gateway!

Garage exit/return – please pay particular attention when driving past our neighbour’s parked cars in Springfield Mews especially those parked near to our entrance gates.




Journey log sheet

– please enter required details before a vehicle is taken and complete upon return.

Medical health

– please inform us of any new medical health conditions requiring notification to DVLA.

Vehicle manuals

– each bus has its own vehicle manual in the glove box to help you obtain relevant information about the vehicle at any time.

Vehicle internal lights

– please ensure all internal lights are out before leaving the bus; all doors need to be firmly closed and ignition switched fully off. n.b. please remember the back doors and the big bus key needs turning back two clicks to be fully off.

Wheelchair access

– both vehicles are adapted to ensure safe fitting of wheelchairs for passenger transporting. KMF has an electric lift (remember to turn ignition on and switch on dashboard button) and JBV has a manual ramp – JBV also has lowering suspension activated by relevant dashboard switch.

Wheelchair fitments

- are carried in both vehicles and fitting details are on display inside each bus. Prior to all trips please check that all seats are securely fitted to ensure the safety of our passengers.

Security locks

– the number to unlock both locks will be given after the familiarisation drive. Please note that we have had instances where the numbers have accidentally been changed in the process of relocking. Before relocking please ensure the four digit number is correctly inline (as would be required when unlocking) before closing the lock and relocking by twisting the number dials. Please do not share this number with anyone else!


Thank you.

Les Sudron

Tel: 797406  Mobile 07857 214112


Happy Wanderer’s Mobile phone: 07597 186143               www.happywanderersambulance.org.uk